This painting became a team project of sorts between my garden and myself. More precisely I invited the natural environment in my garden to contribute to the further creation of this painting. To this end I put it under a hazel tree for about six months. For one thing I was interested in how the material would react to the elements, how the colours would fade, how the canvas and the frame would be impacted. The other very intriguing aspect was to observe how the image was incorporated into the natural environment, how the beings in the garden made use of it, how the hazel, wind and weather and the changing seasons continued to shape the image. One background for this experimentation is my sense that all beings are conscious, that consciousness is in everything, stone, tree or animal. Furthermore I am aware that I am connected with everything else around me through countless factors, through the biology and physiology. Consequently I consider my garden and all the plants, animals and small creatures in it as equal to myself, if very different in expression.

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